Production/SNG truck

with position of up to 6 Racked cameras, Sound, EVS, Slo-Mo position, P/A and Director seats. The cab passenger seat set up for e.g. commentator/graphics etc. position.

Eutelsat Intelsat, Hispasat, SES registration

Reg. UKI 1649

4 wire 1/ IFB: +44 7990 556695 4 wire 2/ IFB: +447946 388034


1.8M Auto-Acquire/Pointing + tracking inclined orbit satellites. TX 13.75-14.5GHz, RX 10.7-12.75GHz
2 x 400W Ku BAND TWTA EIRP 71.8dBi
Spectrum Analyser: Agilent N93340B


2 x H265 HVEK 4K ultracoders with BISS (on request)
2 x MPEG-2/H264 HD/SD 4:2:0 4:2:2
DVB-S QPSK DVB-S2 QPSK & 8PSK 16PSK Modulation BISS-1/E Encryption 5%-35% 

1 x Adtec EN100 H264 HD/SD 4.2.0 4.2.2 16PSK
DVB-S QPSK DVB-S2 QPSK & 8PSK Modulation BISS-1/E Encryption 5%-35%


3 x MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SD/HD 10bit Decoding 4:2:0/4:2:2, DVB-S and DVB-S2 QPSK/8PSK Demod. BISS1/E Decryption


RTS Telex ZEUS111 LE Digital talkback system with seating for 5, with panels

Comms Paradise PD25 L Band Modem Glensound ISDN 2 channel CODEC (100m CAT5) 2 x Glennsound Cell-phone Comms (4 wire/IFB) 1 x portable Glensound GSM



BMD 12G 4K Broadcast 4M/E vision Mixer
Trilogy HD Bars Generators
40x40 HD-SDI Vision Router
1 x HD/SD up/down converter 1 x HD audio embedder 1 x De-embedder 2 x 40” 4K Monitors with Decimator 16s Multi-viewer.RAX position for 6 x RCP's
BMD Smartview Waveform monitor 24" Sony LCD "hi-grade" monitor Tallys,


Allen & Heath QU16 Digital Desk with Digital Snake.
TSL: Dolby & audio monitoring 4 x PPM monitoring.
PPM sound monitoring, JBL Control 1 Monitors at Director position
TLS HD/SD/Analogue monitoring, at Slo-mo position
TSL Dolby/SD/HD audio embedding, Genelec 8020 monitors, at Sound desk

3 x HD/SDI De-embedders 1 x HD/SDI embedder
17" LCD video monitor 

World Clock.

Prospect Cable T/B units
2 x TAIT Base Stations
6 Tait Transceivers, inc. 4 x OTTO noise cancelling headsets/transducers 6 x ICOM F44 with headsets/transducers (more available on request).


2 x Blackmagic Hyperdeck
V-Mix Pro Slo-Mo 6x2 unit.
FCPX editing off Mac book Pro available on request
3 x V-Loc Camplex Camera Fibre units inc. Power via  fibre cables (Racke'd)

1 x Telecast camera powered fibre system on SMPTE with cc

Link L1500 HD Radio Camera with Camera control.

2 x 50m HD-SDI cables Drum
2 x 80m HD-SDI Cable Drum
1 x Dual Channel 3G/SDI, HD/SDI bluebell Fibre Optic units
1 x Fibre, 4+2 3G/HD/SD with 4+4 Line level audios break-out boxes Several option fibre drums, with breakout adapters to ST.
Various Audio and tails, Video and Power cables

Vehicle Details

VW Crafter MWB 3.5T Reg. No. L2 DTE
Air conditioning in the production gallery
Length: 5.9m Width: 2.2m Height 3.5m Weight: 3.4 tonnes
The vehicle is not subject to a Speed limiter. It is Euro 6 conforming to London's 2012 and EULZ emission levels.


5Kva Inverter with 660Ah batteries. Capable of running for 3 hours on power failure with the the aid of the Twin alternators from the Vehicle engine to charge inverter batteries.
Mastervolt Isolator 7Kva Single phase for shore power.

Shore power requirements 32amp single phase.

Available on request.
1 x Sony PMW-500 Camera kit.

1 x Sony DNW-750 Camera kit

20kva 3phase Super-silent towed generator available.

6m hoist available.