SNG Uplinks, OB's, Crews and Kit hire

Production and Satellite Uplinks for Sport, News, Current affairs, Corporate.

BMD 12G 4M/E vision mixer with 2 x 4K monitors

Positions for Director, P/A, V-Mix operator,  RAX (6 cameras) Sound, + 1 x Cab position e.g. graphics, (director for Covid isolation)

HD-SDI. MPEG-2,H264 and H265 encoders, inc. BISS and 4.2.2

Broadcast Crews for Live 2 ways etc. using Broadcast HD Camera Kits.

Telecast Copperhead and complex system with camera control for up to 4 Sony cameras.

4K V-mix slo-mo system for 6 replays/slo-mo to 2 outputs.

HD Link L1500 Radio-link with Camera control.

Cue Ball, with camera control, (on request)

HD over fibre options

Equipment also available including Commentary positions etc.